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Mares Dual 15X Regulator

More air, less effort. The lightweight Mares Dual 15X Regulator gives you high air flow with little effort thanks to its balanced diaphragm. Its first stage offer pre-oriented ports and a Dynamic Flow Control System for stable airflow no matter how deep you go. Its compact size makes it travel-friendly too. The technopolymer second stage features a Superflex hose for durability and longevity. Clear out water with ease thanks to the oversized silicone purge button. It’s operable even with thick dive gloves on.

Mares Dual 15x regulator features

  • Ultralight and compact, ideal for travel
  • Balanced diaphragm for easy and consistent breathing effort
  • Lightweight (2 lb/1085 g includes first stage, second stage, and hose) and compact with high air flow
  • First stage with pre-oriented ports and an ACT valve for safety
  • Dynamic Flow Control system for top performance at any depth
  • Double-braided, lightweight SuperFlex hose lasts longer than traditional rubber hoses
  • Dynamic Flow Control on all LP ports for top performance at any depth
  • Oversized silicone purge button is easy to operate, even with thick gloves on

Mares Dual 15X regulator: technology

Ultralight Technopolymer - Abrasion resistant and affordable, ideal for diving in warm and moderate water temperatures.


DFC - Dynamic Flow Control - Minimizes intermediate pressure drop during inhalation thus maximizing gas delivery, especially under extreme conditions.


VAD - Vortex Assisted Design - The air bypass tube delivers air to the mouthpiece creating a swirling vortex with a low pressure area in the center that keeps the diaphragm down during inhalation, for very sensitive and easy breathing at all depths.


Superflex Hose - Extreme light weight and exceptional softness guarantee the maximum freedom of movement.

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