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Rochester’s Friendliest Dive Shop

Local Dive Sites

We are blessed with multiple great dive sites in Western & Central NY.
To register for a dive just click on the name of the site.

Check out our Google Map of even more local dive sites.

quarry fun dives

Quarry Fun Dives

Join us to explore a local quarry located in Scottsville, NY. Tank and weight rental available.

Scuba Dive St Peter ship wreck in Pultneyville NY

St. Peter

One of Lake Ontario's most impressive shipwrecks, the St. Peter is located east of Pultneyville, NY.

This 135-foot, three-masted schooner rests upright and intact in 117 feet of water.

Landing Craft

This wreck sank in a storm in 1977. She landed stern first and has remained that way, never coming fully to rest on the bottom. She had more weight concentrated in the rear causing it to remain upright on its stern. This wreck sits nearly upright in between 55 and 85 feet of water. 

Buoyancy Class at the Bismark dive site in Lake Ontario


The Bismark is a 28' retired sailboat surrounded by interesting artifacts located in 45' of water. 
Also, located onsite is buoyancy and navigation courses which provides a fun playground in which to hone your scuba skills

Niagara Fall drift dive

Niagara River

Drift along at a depth of 20' while barely have to kick - the water does most of the work! Visibility of 30' is common with water temps in the 70's.

Don't be surprised if your dive buddies include walleye, sturgeon, & pike.

Diver on the Lilly Parsons Wreck in the 1000 Islands

1000 Island Dives

The 1000 Islands area boasts hundreds of shipwrecks in warm waters. 

We offer shore dives geared to beginners as well as more advanced boat dives.

Keystorm wreck in the 1000 Islands


The Keystorm is the area’s premier wreck. She is a 256-foot long steel hull cargo vessel ranging from 20 to 110 feet deep. This wreck is diveable for all ranges of divers from beginners to advanced due to the way she ranges from shallow to deep.

We offer flexible classes, dives, and pool sessions designed to fit around your schedule. 
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